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All for the KIDZ Fundraiser 2022

Trustee, Ricki Pace, created this colorful raffle board.  Chef, Charlie Wayne Paladin, of Cass Winery, offered a cooking class and private gourmet dinner for 6, as the raffle prize.

Jenny Mulks, of Along Comes Hope, draws the winning raffle ticket with President, Marilyn Blake, and Vice-President, Cyndi Framme, assisting.

CCFC member, Corinne Cilli, sold vintage jewelry at the fundraiser.

This beautiful Christmas quilt, handmade by CCFC member, Christy Palmer and Trustee, Cheryl Fernandez, was a live auction item.

All for the Kidz-7.jpg

A variety of items

were donated for the fundraiser.

Honor Board Recognition

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