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The members of Central Coast Funds for Children would like to thank all our members, trustees, and supporters for donating to our winter fundraiser and for donating to CCFC throughout the year and in various ways.  The generous support of people like you makes it possible for our organization to continue to make a difference in the lives of at-risk children throughout San Luis Obispo County. Through our fundraising efforts and charitable donations such as yours, Central Coast Funds for Children awarded $100,000 to 31 local agencies and organizations for 2022. These grants to various organizations in San Luis Obispo County provide for the basic needs of children in our county, including food, clothing, medical and dental care, school supplies, therapy and guidance counseling, camp experiences, enrichment activities, and the arts. Thank you again for your generous donation. We are extremely grateful for your support. 
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Supporters and Donors 2023
Committed $500+


Vetters Administrative Trust, Glen Lewis

James & Kathryn Webb

Pete & Patty Pepper

Cyndi Framme

Linda & Darrel Rundstrom

Steve & Deronda Burdette

Craig & Toni Kincaid

Larry & Jeanette Meek

Donald Warden

Roberta Parsons

Paula & Tom Patterson

Budd & Susan Dressler

Stephen & Phyllis Dorsi

Martha Michalojko Kettelkamp 

Alfie & Diane Martinelli

Corinne & Angelo Cilli

Bonnie & Mac Brinton

Kathy Coull

Abbate Family

Ed & Bernie Kurtz

Melinda Bollinger

Mike & Christy Palmer

Kathryn & Brendan McAdams

Don & Ricki Pace

Joan Borger

Scott & Paula Lewis

Susan & David Murray

Meredith Takken

Jason Gingrich

Theresa Theiler




Gerry Johnson

Sharon Beko

Mary Cernia

Peggy Bowman-Kelley

Marilyn Blake

Patti & Jerry Hempenius

Jacqueline & Craig Fitch

Morgan Flagg Family

Vince & Marianne Fonte

Edie Lycke

Carolyn Klingler

Nancy & Tom Karwin

Kurt & Bonnie Kennedy

Grant Awards to CCFC


Harold J. Miossi Charitable Trust

Smart & Final

St. Barnabas Thrift Store

Compassionate  $300 ~ $499
Faithful  $100 ~ $299

Connie Framberger

Dennis & Cheryl Fernandez

Hobie & Colleen Herber

Robert & Colleen Clarke

Jim Tedford, M.D.

Jack Krasner

Mary Ruth Lee

LeeAnne Fisher

Francine Johnston

Joanne & Jules Rogoff

Stanley & Maureen Marquis

Gary & Muriel Harkins

Diane Volny

Charlotte Weinberg

Madi Gates

Pete Kelley & Mary Matakovich

Charlotte Weinberg

Jill Dufault

Roni Lomeli

Joanne A.Burke

Mary M.Pollock

Sharynn Chirpich

Jimmie & Pamela Boone

Brad & Ginny Parkinson

Julie & Chris Cross

Leila Humphrey

Anne & Leo Fortini

Gary Poe

Sonny & Shelly Higginbotham

William & Faith Ann Fieldhouse

Tom & Claire Mastin

Gary & Joyce Zanini

Iris Gould

Jim & Elaine Gardiner

Emilia Simoes

Patricia Kowal

Marion Roberts

Geraldine Hruby

Marlene Peter

Cindi Powell

Debra Stiles

Jon & Maronee Hollister

Paula & Tom Tolbert

Rosalyn Carroll

Ann Berry-Gallegos

Gary & Belin Tanner

Richard Carsel

Vicki Meagher

Richard Brown

Caring $35 - $99


Jill E.Anderson

Beth Bevan

Toppy Miller

Nancy & Marvin Hayward

Joanne Peratis Weber

Janet McLaughlin

Timothy & Lisa Gill

Randal Cruikshanks

Joseph & Judith Barnett

Jan Wilson

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