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The members of Central Coast Funds for Children would like to thank all our members, trustees, and supporters for donating to our winter fundraiser and for donating to CCFC throughout the year and in various ways.  The generous support of people like you makes it possible for our organization to continue to make a difference in the lives of at-risk children throughout San Luis Obispo County. Through our fundraising efforts and charitable donations such as yours, Central Coast Funds for Children awarded $100,000 to 31 local agencies and organizations for 2022. These grants to various organizations in San Luis Obispo County provide for the basic needs of children in our county, including food, clothing, medical and dental care, school supplies, therapy and guidance counseling, camp experiences, enrichment activities, and the arts. Thank you again for your generous donation. We are extremely grateful for your support. 
Supporters and Donors 2022
Committed $500+


The Estate of Shirley J. Otto, Joe Bourdean, Executor

Greg & Marci Braze/Lea & Braze Engineering

Women’s Council of Realtors, Central Coast Chapter

St. Barnabas Thrift Store

Vetter’s Administrative Trust

Pete and Patty Pepper                                           

Bruce Ekmanian

Jim and Ann Whitehead                                        

Norman & Sharon Beko

Craig and Toni Kincaid                                          

Kim Conti & Dan DeGroot

Mary Benner                                                            

Larry & Jeanette Meek       

Mrs. Roberta Parsons                                            

Meredith Takken                                    

Ed & Bernie Kurtz                                                   

Steve & Shelly Maguire

Jeff and Carla Cole Foundation                           

Jerry & Patti Hempenius

Melinda Bollinger                                                    

Steve & Ann Hansen

Paula and Scott Lewis                                           

Cyndi Framme & Frank Sheehan

Bill & Allison Lauderdale                                       

Theresa Theiler

Kaaren & John Abbate                                           

Morgan/Flagg Family

Shelley McConnell                                                 

Craig & Joan Kincaid

Steve and Phyllis Dorsi                                         

Michael & Carolyn Klingler

Kristy Wilson

Marilyn Blake                                                           

Placer Trading Company

Edie & Bo Lycke

Mike & Christy Palmer

David & Susan Murray   

Mac & Bonnie Brinton

Steve & Deronda Burdette/Villa Margarita Mobile Home Park

George & LeeAnne Fisher

Kurt & Bonnie Kennedy

Martha Michalojko

Brad and Ginny Parkinson

Dennis & Cheryl Fernandez

Ingrid Siegel

Carol Siegel

Bruce Falkenhagen

James & Kathryn Webb

Compassionate  $300 ~ $499

Don & Marilyn Warden

Dodie Williams

Faithful  $100 ~ $299

Claudia Rose                                                 
Jim & Elaine Gardner
Helen and Walter Rehm                                            
Dr. James M. Raveret                                               
Lionel Beyer                                                               
Jim & Sue Miers
John and Landy Forsberg                                          
Darlene Dechance                                                     
Pam Zweifel
Phyllis Cameron                                                        
Judy Straw 
Ann Barclay                                                               
David and Francine Johnston                        
Jane Toschi
Bob and Debbie Wacker                                           
Ann & Orlando Berry-Gallegos
Penny Porter                                                              
Larry Fleur & Alethea Justus
Erick and Jennifer Wand, Graphics by Erick            
Leslie Rodman                                                           
Angelo & Corinne Cilli
Mary Ciernia
Belin Tanner                                                              
Joyce & Gary Zanini                          
Mark & Sue Dariz                                                      
Brian Christopher
Bill Travis                                                                   
Peggy Bowman-Kelley
Don Pace                                                                   
Joan Borger
Jules & Joanne Rogoff                                              
Don & Toppy Miller
Herb & Diane Filipponi                                               
Bob & Christine Williams
Annika Scranton
Laureen Wallravin                                                      
Thomas & Claire Masten
Lyle Meek                                                                  
Dan O’Hare
Terry & Marion Roberts                                             
Dr. James Tedford
T. L. Thompson                                                          
Dr. Roger Steele
Judy Barnett                                                               
Joanne Burke
David & Kelli Cole                                                      
Vince Crooks
Faith & William Fieldhouse                                        
Iris Could
Hobie & Colleen Herber                                            
Dr. Sonny & Shelly Higgenbotham
T. & Marionee Hollister                                              
Ken & Gabby Levine
Terri Smith                                                                 
Colleen Ferber
Richard Brown
Marquis Family
Stan & Maureen Marquis
Max Riedlsperger
Mead Wren

Caring  $35 ~ $99

Mr. Randal Cruikshanks                             Margaret Cooper

Jim and Marge Harris                                 

Judith Jimenez

Janet and Dave McLaughlin                       Jim & Janice Irwin                                       

Barney Reitner

Frederika C. Thompson

Grant Awards

SLO County Board of Supervisors

Harold J. Miossi Charitable Trust

Business Supporters 2022

Chef Charlie Wayne Palladin

Cass Winery, Steve Cass

Picklebilly, Janice Mundee

San Luis Obispo Country Club

Matthew Hames, Landscape Design

Cookie Momo, Montse Cross

Symphony of the Vines

Tolosa Winery

Innov8tive Posh

Hotel SLO and Piadina

San Luis Obispo Repertory Theater

San Luis Obispo Winds

Villacana Winery,

Re:Find Distallary

Field of Lights at Sensorio

Salon Roux

Equilibrium Fitness

Madonna Inn

Hotel Cerro and Brasserie San Luis Obispo

Pathways to Health, Dr. David Marquis

Precision Physical Therapy, Dr. Kristen Carless DPT

Energy in Motion Wellness, Leslie Cotham

Amy Approved Fitness, Amy Harper

Yoga, Mashelle Owens

Gyrotonic Specialists San Luis Obispo, Elizabeth Thomas

Yarns at the Adobe

Don Pace, Artist

Festival Mosaic

Steven Osborn, Artist

Miner’s Hardware

Michael Miller, Musician

McPhee’s Grill, Ian McPhee

Casa Sansoni, Sandra Sansoni

We Do Windows, Chris DeCollibus

Morgan Stanley Financial Advisors

Trader Joe’s

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